Being a separated and divorced dad is tough.


I know because I'm one of you.

But here's the thing...

It Can Be harder than it needs to be

Yes, it will always be gut wrenching to go without being able to see your kids all the time.

It's so hard! 

Somehow being a separated and divorced dad also came to mean...








That's how it was for me but I DON'T WANT THAT FOR YOU!


I want DIFFERENT for you! 



Feeling alone and isolated sucks! 


I want it to be stupidly easy for you to get CONNECTED to a quality support community wherever you are.  

Feeling discouraged doesn't help.

I want you to have the  ENCOURAGEMENT you need on tap.

Feeling constantly lost and confused isn't necessary. 

I want to give you a map filled with the INSIGHT of those who've been through this before.

The Fireside Project is just kicking off...but here's what's in the pipeline for the next couple of months...


Online Support Groups - Fortnightly Meetings of up to 6 Dads Using Zoom 

Miyagi - Mentoring and Coaching for Separated and Divorced Dads 

Blog Series - Quick Wins For Separated and Divorced Dads with Young Kids

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